The Art of Vinyl Covers 2018

A cover for every day!


Vinyl is currently coming alive and therefore all the artful covers of the last decades raising our awareness again. They show us true music and design history in an inspiring way.


Now the world’s first tear-off calendar with 365 vinyl covers from the last five decades will be published. Including famous and less known artists of all genres, true classics but also scurrilities. In addition to the daily music inspirations and eye candies, all responsible cover photographers, illustrators and art directors are mentioned. A must have for all vinyl lovers and design nerds!


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publisher Oliver Seltmann

editor Bernd Jonkmanns

format 4 × 5.4 inches

size 370 pages, 365 covers

language english

ISBN 978-3-94668-812-9

publishing date 15.10.2017